At Swiss Watch Time we understand the trust you place in us when assessing and servicing your treasured time piece. We have and only use manufacturer approved and manufacturer branded tools and equipment to work on your watches.

Our goal when servicing your time piece is to bring your watches movement back to its manufacturers factory specification. We always replace all gaskets and vacuum test, pressure test, and condensation test all waterproof cases to ensure they are performing within their factory specified depth ratings.

Our watchmaker is AWCI trained and is a master at any chronograph movement. We specialize in servicing both Vintage and Modern Rolex, Patek Philippe. Audemars Piguet, Omega and many others fine watches.


    During a service at Swiss Watch Time your watch is first checked into our system and the owner is notified of its safe arrival if shipped in. Once your watches service begins your watch case is completely disassembled. The movement is then disassembled. All parts are inspected for wear. If any parts need to be replaced, they are done so only after consulting with the client and getting approval. We only use brand new authentic parts that come from the manufacturer unless otherwise discussed.

    Once approved all the movements parts are put into our ElmaSolvex VA system pictured above (Rolex, Patek Philippe and Richmont Group only approve the VA). The parts are put into an extremely specialized basket that is coated with Rislan. Rislan is a thin plastic coating on the metal baskets to ensure your watch parts are never scratched while in our ElmaSolvex VA sonic cleaner. When parts are being cleaned the case and bracelet are cleaned in a separate Elma Ultrasonic cleaner only meant for cases and bracelets.

    Once the parts are cleaned your watch is ready to be reassembled and lubricated. Our watchmaker uses only manufacturer approved lubricants to ensure perfect time keeping. The movement is timed on our Witschi watch analyzer. If the client has chosen to have the case and bracelet refinished, we will do that before fitting the movement back into the case. Before the movement is placed back into the case the case is will be waterproof tested. The case is first put into our Vacuum Tester. If it passes it is moved to our Fathometre Tester to ensure its maximum depth rating is tested.

    As soon as the case comes out of the Fathometre tester it goes right onto our Condensation Tester. Once the case passes the waterproof testing the movement is ready to be cased and put onto our Elma Cyclomotion watch winder to start quality control. Each watch is put on our winder for 3 hours at 4rpm to ensure a full wind of the mainspring. The watch is tested for 4 days to observe and confirm the proper functionality of the auto winding mechanism, the movement functionality and of course accuracy.

    From the second our Watchmaker begins working on your watch until its done in quality control, it is a minimum of 5 business days.

    Shipping your watch to us has never been easier. We offer the option to send you a pre-paid fully insured shipping label + instructions to send us your watch for service/repair. Your watch is always shipped back to you once service and or repairs are complete, fully insured sign on delivery via Fedex.

    Yes of course! Your watch is covered under our Jewelers Block insurance coverage. Rest assured knowing if anything happens you are covered.

    Absolutely not. We only use brand new factory authentic parts. If a part is not available we contact the owner to discuss any other options.

    Getting your case and or bracelet polished by a properly trained watchmaker is essential to keeping the integrity of the lines and edges of your watch. Fortunately this is a specialty area of Swiss Watch Time. We have mastered the art of a proper light refinishing.

    Many times a week we also get in watches where the lines and edges of the case have been rounded off by an improper previous polish job. Here at Swiss Watch Time we can fix that. Our Swiss Lapping machine along with our skilled watchmaker will restore your cases back to their factory geometry.

    Yes. All watches that receive a movement service from Swiss Watch Time are covered under our in house warranty for 1 year from the service date.